Ornithological Marathon in Sierra de Gredos

Fun and learning in nature with your family, your partner or your friends: Participate on Sunday 22 March in a unique marathon trying to identify as much birds as possible.

maraton ornitologicoOrganized by Algakon in collaboration with the regional government of Castille-Leon (Active Tourism Competitiveness Plan), the marathon aims to promote knowledge and appreciation of birds, in order to contribute better to their conservation.

The marathon takes place in two different villages: You can start either in Arenas de San Pedro or in Candeleda. There is only one condition: YOu need to inscribe your group which consists of at least 2 persons. Inscription (free of charge) can be made the day of the marathon (22 March) from 9 to 11.30 am at the town hall of Candeleda or the town hall of Arenas de San Pedro. There you will be given all necessary information and documentation.

Immediately thereafter you can start the marathon. Depending on the available time (the marathon finishes at 2 pm), you can choose the route that suits you best. And: If you deliver your results before 2 pm, you’ll be greeted with a prize!

For further information on the marathon, please email info@algakon.es or call 0034-955 718 800

And for further information on accomodation in the Sierra, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Clicking the link, you’ll open the marathons poster (in Spanish): CARTEL MARATON ORNITOLOGICO


Birding in Spain: The Sierra de Gredos Nature Reserve

Birding in SpainThanks to its location on a major flyway corridor, the area of​ our hotel is one of the best places in Spain and Europe to enjoy birding. No wonder both the Tietar Valley and the Sierra de Gredos Nature Reserve have been declared as SPAs (Special Protection Area for Birds) and SCIs (Site of Community Importance) due to which they are year-round destination for birdwatchers from all over the world.

There is no doubt that this region is a valuable refuge for birds, both migratory and native. The Sierra de Gredos has been chosen by emblematic Iberian species for breeding – such as the black stork (a vulnerable and endangered species) or the golden eagle, and other no less interesting birds like the honey buzzard, the booted eagle and the rock thrush.

Since it is relatively easy to see a wide variety of birdlife, the region and our town Candeleda have become a favorite destination of birdwatchers from all over the world.


Candeleda has a privileged location: Situated between the Gredos mountains and the valley of the Tiétar river, the village is surrounded by an enviable natural environment suitable for all kinds of outdoor activities.

In the vicinity of our hotel there are several hiking trails in addition to ornithological routes such as the one in the surroundings of the Rosarito reservoir. It has several interesting points of bird watching, however the best is probably the municipal “Las Tejoneras” observatory: It offers the possibility of observing with discretion the birds that form part of the aquatic ecosystem of the Tiétar river and the reservoir. Or raptors that nest or live in the oak forests of the nearby pastures.

Another interesting site for birdwatching is the Puerto del Pico pass in the Sierra de Gredos: Since this is one of the lowest mountain passes of the Iberian Central System you can see large flocks of cranes, geese and doves, in addition to other migratory birds.