Is it Really Possible to Earn a Living as a Professional Blogger?

If you’re creative and you love writing, the idea of writing a few blog posts per week and turning them into a full-time income might seem like a dream. But this dream is actually a reality for thousands of people around the globe. Making money from a blog is not only possible, but one of the most effective ways to make money online as a beginner.

There are a few misconceptions about professional blogging you need to dispel if you want to be successful, however. Being successful as a blogger does not happen overnight and demands a lot of work. Only those who are ready to put the effort in and be consistent have a chance in this business. Let’s take a look at what you’ll need to become a professional blogger.

Understand How Blogs Make Money

You may be wondering how bloggers make money from their words. The truth is that there are tons of different monetization methods and successful bloggers tend to use a large variety of them. The most obvious method is advertising, but there are tons of other ways that you could make money from your blog.

A very common option is to use affiliate marketing. You could add text or banner ads to your site for products you think will pique your audience’s interest. You could also mention these links casually in your posts and earn commission every time someone makes a purchase after clicking on that link.

You could also be clever and allow people to get deals on items they like by adding a special widget to your site. You have plugins like CouponPlugin IO that allow you to post generic deals or deals in a specific category. You could then earn money every time someone uses a code. If this is something that would interest you and would like to learn more about the app, you can get it here.

Understanding How to Build an Audience

Another thing you have to know about blogging is that you can’t advertise a blog as you would any online business. Things like PPC and banner advertising don’t work as well for blogs, so you’ll need to use different techniques.

One of the things you should start familiarizing yourself with is SEO or Search Engine Optimization. You need to know what search engines like if you want to get traffic from them. In the beginning, learn about good semantics, clean navigation, and how to make your site perform as well as possible on all platforms.

You also have to know that blogs are very social by nature and that the best way to build an audience for a blog is to connect directly with the people. If you learn how to build relationships with other bloggers in your niche, you’ll get guest post opportunities, which are like the holy grail for blog marketing. You could also start making a name for yourself on subreddits or discussion groups related to your niche. This will allow you to start building an audience that will eventually grow if you are consistent with your posting and become a great resource.

Building a Content Create Strategy

You should also know that professional bloggers don’t just get up in the morning and post blogs. They usually have a clear strategy based on the type of content they release or what’s trending at the moment. They will use specific keywords and post their content at just the right time to get enough traction. Most will also create content in advance and publish it at specific times and intervals through automation. So, know that building and publishing content requires a lot of planning and that you’ll need to monitor your site’s metrics closely to know exactly what type of content you should release and when.

These are all things you’ll need to know before you think about becoming a professional blogger. Know the reality of the job and learn what it takes to start a blogging business and not just a hobby.

Important Information About the Use of Kratom Extracts

Even though the use of kratom has significantly increased over the past few years, there is much that consumers simply don’t know yet. If you are new to the world of kratom and are just about to try it for yourself, there are a few key points you may wish to consider. No matter what you’ve heard, it pays to do a bit of research for yourself. There’s good and bad in everything but, if used safely, the good far outweighs the bad when it comes to this indigenous medicinal herb of Southeast Asia.

Why All the Controversy?

Perhaps the reason for all the controversy about kratom is that a lot of consumers don’t understand the basics of how to use this herb for what ails them. To start with, you may hear that kratom resembles the effects of opioids, which isn’t always a bad thing. In fact, opioids are prescribed for a number of reasons, the most common being severe and unmanageable pain. Yes, kratom can have the same effects but, if used incorrectly, as with opioids, there is always a danger of addiction. That being said, even your favorite genre of movies can be addictive, so bear that in mind before automatically assuming this will happen to you.

An Odd Reversal

Sometimes kratom can help to relax you and other times it can act as a stimulant. This depends not only on the strain but also the dosage/weight you are ingesting. Wouldn’t you think that if you are in severe pain and unable to sleep, a larger dose would be in order? Actually, in an odd reversal, the opposite is true! You will find that one of the most amazing benefits of high potency kratom extracts is that you will be energized, and sleep probably won’t come easily. On the other hand, if you take a low dose amount of that very same high potency kratom extract, you should feel relaxed, and pain should subside accordingly. In other words, high potency kratom extracts are often the formulation most in demand because they can be more easily adjusted.

An Old Adage to Live By

When it comes to all the controversy out there, many people believe that much of the bad press is being put out by Big Pharma in an attempt to cash in on the sale of this amazing natural herb. If you live by that all-too-familiar old adage, you should do very well. You probably remember your mom telling you to “Believe nothing you hear and only half of what you see.” Well, that’s the case when it comes to kratom. Don’t believe what you hear. Half trust what you see. If you want to get the real lowdown, try it for yourself. In this way you won’t need to listen to the critics because you will experience the medicinal benefits for yourself.

The only caution would be to take the time to study up on dosages suggested for the effects that you are looking for. If you go slowly at the beginning, you will find the perfect potency for your needs. It’s all about understanding what kratom is and how to consume it safely.

Questions to Answer When Buying Male Masturbators

When it comes to sex, many couples do it the traditional way. They give their partner those loving kisses and caresses, which later turn out to become more intense and hotter. Making love with your partner is one way to romantically say you cherish them. But what of those single men? Or when your partner is away? How can you take relieve all the sexual frustrations you feel?

The answer is this question is easy; use male masturbators.

What is Male Masturbators?

A male masturbator is a type of adult sex toy specially designed for men. It is an umbrella term used to identify adult toys that helps men to masturbate. Examples of male masturbators are fleshlight, cock sleeve, and the pocket pussy. These toys provide sensations similar to when penetrating your partner. Also, male masturbators increases jerk-off stimulation, which is incredibly helpful in relieving stress and sexual needs.

Indeed, these masturbators are awesome! However, you must remember that these adult toys come in a wide array of options. Hence, one male masturbator might not reach your expectations or preferences. To avoid buying the wrong option, below are some questions that will guide you in looking for the best male masturbator.

#1 What are the Different Types of Male Masturbators?

As you have read from above, male masturbators are available in various types. The primary categories of these adult toys are as follows:

  • Hands-Free Male Masturbators

As the name suggests, hands-free male masturbators are automated masturbation machines that produce different types of sensations. Thus, you don’t have to exert effort in masturbating with this type of adult toy.

Hands-free male masturbators can be divided into two types. These are automatic male masturbators and blowjob machines.

  • Realistic Male Masturbators

These adult types of toys feature realistic appearance and sensation; making them popular to several men because they have a close resemblance to the genuine body parts.

Realistic male masturbators include dildos, realistic pussy, or anal opening.

  • Vibrating Male Masturbators

If you prefer more stimulation rather than penetration, consider vibrating male masturbators. This option provides intense sensations with the help of its powerful vibrating motor.

#2 Is it Safe?

Once you figure out which type of male masturbator you prefer, the next step is to find out if the product you plan to buy is safe.

Manufacturers use different materials to construct male masturbator. And some of these materials could cause skin irritation and redness, especially to individuals with an allergy towards the material or has sensitive skin. Choose adult toys that are BPA-free and have zero phthalates. Also, it is best to select male masturbators that are clinically tested safe.

#3 Is it Discreet?

Some male masturbators are not too discreet. It could be embarrassing to bring such an item when you are going on a week-long trip. If you want an adult toy that you could pack, pick out one with a discreet look.

More Advice

Handpicking a male masturbator is overwhelming for a newbie. If it is your first time to get one, you can ask help from reliable online sources. They could help you find out which male masturbator is the best option for you and avoid spending money on poor quality adult toys.

How to Lose that Stubborn Belly Fat Fast with Scientific Basis

Belly fat is a common problem that men and women share. They are a nuisance. It makes it harder and impossible for you to wear the clothes you want. And most of all, belly fat is harmful to health.

According to professionals, belly fat (also called visceral fat) has a detrimental effect on health. It increases the risk of Type 2 diabetes, heart problems, hypertension, and other health issues.

How to Lose Belly Fat

Losing belly fat is the key to avoid metabolic diseases and other health issues associated with this condition. Below are the different methods on how to lose belly fat, according to science.

#1 Eat the Right Kind of Foods

Skipping meals is not the answer to getting rid of stubborn belly fat. Studies show that skipping meals can lead to overeating due to hunger. The best solution is to eat right and on time.

Make sure to eat three meals a day and some snacks in between. However, pick out the right type of food. Choose plenty of soluble fiber since such food passes through the digestive system easily. Likewise, fiber-rich food promotes weight loss and helps you feel full.

Examples of fiber-rich food are the following:

  • Brussel sprouts
  • Apples
  • Avocados
  • Strawberries and blackberries
  • Legumes
  • Whole grains

Furthermore, avoid eating foods that contain trans-fats.

Trans-fats are formed by pumping hydrogen into unsaturated fats. Too much consumption of trans- fats can lead to inflammation, heart disease, and belly fat gain.

Indeed, the body needs fat for energy. But it does not mean you can eat all kinds of fats out there. The best choice is unsaturated fat – referred to as healthy fats- such as Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids that are found in salmon, tuna, and other seafood.

#2 Exercise at Full Intensity

Low-impact workouts are good for beginners. It does not take a toll on the body but allows it to lose weight and build strength. However, low-impact exercises are not enough to burn belly fat. What you need is more strength training.

Strength training is more intense, causing the body to exert effort and burn more calories. Thus, it can help you lose weight in a shorter span.

Aside from strength training, perform other workouts and switch it from time to time. Likewise, add more intensity to each exercise as you progress for better results.

#3 Stop Stress

Stress is one of the primary causes of belly fat and weight gain. The cortisol, which is the body’s main stress hormone, increases the number of fats in the body when stressed. Also, stress triggers overeating and other unhealthy vices.

#4 Drink Small Amounts of Alcohol

Drinking a moderate amount of alcohol won’t cause harm to the body. But excessive drinking of alcoholic beverages is hazardous to health.

Professionals say that too much alcohol drinking develops obesity and excess fat storage, especially around the waist. Hence, it increases the risk of health problems, such as heart disease and diabetes.


Eating nutritious food, regular exercises, and getting rid of unhealthy vices is the way to losing that stubborn belly fat. In a nutshell, following a healthy lifestyle reduces your chances of getting illnesses.